Premier Art Award LONDON 2019 特別奨励賞受賞

October 29 -November 2 at La Galleria, Pall Mall London.



床に立つ人間は「開花した頭」を持ち、真実を撮影するカメラを持っています。壁の絵は「ヘンドリック・ホルツィウス作「人類の堕落」ーHendrik Goltzius 「The Fall of Man」ー(1616)」です。

Title:Forbidden fruit


The title of this digital collage is “Forbidden fruit”.
The human who stands on the floor has “flowering head” and it hold a camera which photograph truth.
You can see the picture on the wall is “The Fall of Man( Hendrick Goltzius, 1616)” and it depicts Adam and Eve eating forbidden fruit which is metaphor of immoral.
Also there is the forbidden fruit under the foot of the “human flowering” and a knife stuck in it.
The pictorial space of this work is a concept collage art and the purpose of it is to evoke of the story of Adam and Eve.